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Studio A Salon Unveils Stunning Campaign Showcasing the A-List woman and their Meticulously Designed Space


Sit under our beautiful fiddle leaf tree while you are pampered in our italian design state of the art beauty stations

Houston, TX - 20th June 2023- Studio A Salon, renowned for its exceptional hairstyling and beauty services, has recently launched an extraordinary campaign that captures the essence of the A-list girl. Collaborating with renowned photographer Laurie Perez and salon owner David Armendariz, Studio A Salon presents a visual masterpiece that embodies elegance, confidence, and impeccable style.


Owners David Armendariz and Jesse Gudino

One of the key highlights of the campaign is the new salon space, masterfully designed by architect Brinn Miracle. Brinn Miracle's architectural expertise has contributed to the salon's overall ambiance and atmosphere, providing a visually appealing and functional space for both clients and the campaign photoshoot alike. The campaign showcases various areas of Studio A Salon's new space, from the inviting front door with the salon's logo to the Italian design tutu mirrors, the stylish party restroom, and the captivating main floor. These stunning backdrops create an immersive experience, highlighting the salon's modern and visually appealing environment.


The campaign's focus on the A-list girl is expertly captured through flawless, young, and dramatic makeup, skillfully executed by makeup artist Jessica Ramirez. Hairstylist Jesse Gudino has transformed model Gisselle into a captivating blonde beauty, while David Armendariz has worked his magic on Marion, creating a dimensional brunette look with added volume and length. Notably, hair artist Dane Powell meticulously trimmed Linda's hair, ensuring it perfectly complemented her overall look.

The editorial day commenced by capturing the A-lister's preparation routine, showcasing her reading fashion magazines and enjoying the company of a friend while having fun. The campaign beautifully captures the A-lister removing her rollers, revealing a gorgeous bouncy blowout hairstyle. Throughout the campaign, the A-lister effortlessly dons a variety of ensembles, ranging from powerful Gucci power suits to elegant floral gowns by Houston's own Chloe Dao. Each look is impeccably styled, and the hair reflects her confidence and influence.


Why not party in the A-list water closet

Adding a touch of retro glam, inspired by the big hair of the 70s, the team incorporated small curling irons to create texture and volume in the hairstyles. This infusion of sophistication and style adds an extra layer of allure to the campaign, highlighting Studio A Salon's commitment to staying on top of the latest trends.


The campaign successfully captures the A-lister's confidence, influence, and impeccable style, leaving a lasting impression on viewers. Studio A Salon's exceptional talent and artistry shine through every aspect of the campaign, showcasing why it is Houston's premier destination for hairstyling and beauty services.


Fashion by Houstons own Chloe Dao, Hair and make up by David Armendariz and Jessica Ramirez


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Located in Houston, Texas, Studio A Salon is a renowned beauty destination offering exceptional hairstyling, makeup, and beauty services. Led by salon owner David Armendariz and a team of skilled professionals, Studio A Salon prides itself on delivering top-quality results while creating a welcoming and comfortable experience for clients.

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