Dane Powell  Level 4 

Dane Powell has always been a visionary. Whether it’s through avant garde fashion, vintage interior designs, unorthodox art or innovative aesthetics on the runway, Powell is all about the visuals.

Before his story as an A-Lister, Powell worked in retail for 20 years as full-time visual manager for two fashion retailers. He was responsible for creating the displays that would catch the eyes and attention of clients in the stores.

But even then, he knew his life as a stylist was inevitable.

“I always played with hair when I was younger,” Powell said. “When I was 13, I was a punk-raver kid always in some kind of scene. I was very artsy. I always had fun going to salons back then. I saw that everyone in the salon was having fun. I wanted an enjoyable, fun and creative career. Especially since I went to college for art and design.”

Incorporating his creative background as a hair stylist at the salon means that he is always on the prowl for inspiration. Right now, he finds a glimpse of that inspiration with the luxury brand Givenchy.

“They’re doing my favorite looks - the pulse of the 90’s but super modern.”

If you’re looking for something current and bold, look no further than Dane Powell’s expertise. as a new client, and he’ll individualize your style with his vision.

Get to know more about Dane Powell

Dream Client: Anyone who wants a new current look. I love everybody!

What do you want clients to know: I want them to feel like they had a lot of fun, that they made a friend and they love their hair.

One Thing People Don’t Know About You: I’m seriously an open book. I have no poker face so I can’t tell a lie.

Favorite Food: I love good, classic high-end Italian food


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