Summer 2016 Hair Trends

Summer is officially here, A-listers!

David Armendariz, Studio A Salon owner and Allure magazine's acclaimed 'color wizard' recommends the following fabulous tips based on cut, color and style.

Cut Trend: Baby Bangs, the ultra-short trend

Often referred to as mini bangs or 'baby bangs,' this style remixes a hairstyle from the Roaring Twenties era and adds a 90's twist! Be prepared to see this season's look totally dominate the Summer 2016 season.

A-List celebrities that are taking the trend to Hollywood and beyond include artists like Beyoncé, Katy Perry,Taylor Swift to actresses Krysten Ritter and Marion Cotillard.

But don't take our word for it - fashion designers like Fendi, Christopher Kane, Giles, Ungaro also took the trend to the runway and even blunt, razored and rounded trends were making the summer catwalks look like a retro blast from the past with a modern twist.

Ask any of our Studio A Salon artists if you are curious about this look and we'll be sure to consult you on your best options!



Color Trend: Going Lighter

Summer's sunny rays are going to be all around you as the days get longer this season. If you want to accelerate the lightening effect of the sun on your hair, be sure to speak with one of our color specialists to guarantee a radiant finish.

"A few highlights around your face and your part will have you looking like you have been at the beach all summer," Armendariz said.

Not only do we want to bring light to your face frame without over-highlighting this summer, but we want to make you feel confident.

Here are different styles of what choosing to go lighter can mean for you:

  • Sunkissed - a few balayage pieces that mimic the sun's rays like a summer spent on the beach!



  • Bronde - not brunette or blonde, but a subtle move from a dark shade to a lighter one or going 'blonde' to a certain extent. This look highlights extremely well with curls or waves.

  • Platinum Blonde- cutting edge fashionistas wanted!

  • Layered highlighting - easier to maintain than regular highlights, try the trend that is closer to an ombré style which doesn't travel up the roots for a more natural lightened look.

  • Ombré - your hair becomes our art piece as we 'paint' an accentuated lighter color to frame your face. This look is perfect with Hollywood waves!

  • Balayage - a painting technique that creates soft diffused highlights. A-Listers rave on how effortlessly hair grows and minimizes visits.



Style Trend: Curls with a Flat-iron

Warm weather on the horizon calls for graceful beach-ready curls!

Use a curling iron then separate the curls with your fingers to create a straight from the islands look. Applying products, especially our Kérastase products, should be the final step for beautiful waves.




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